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Villas for large family groups

We have had a busy summer at One Stop Italy, so busy in fact that I haven’t had time to update this blog!  The wet weather here in the UK meant that there were a lot of last-minute enquiries for holidays in Italy – particularly as the temperatures there were in the 30s plus! As ever we are delighted to receive so many repeats and recommendations from previous clients, some of whom have booked with us so many times that they seem like old friends. (You know who you are ….) 

Currently the big demand is for very large villa holidays with pool for large family groups for August 2008 , anything up to 30+. We have a good selection of very large villas, all with private pool and some even with the rarity of air-conditioning!   (Air-conditioning is difficult to find in Italian houses – many of them don’t need it as they are old farmhouses built of stone with thick walls and designed to keep the sun out. Electricity is also very expensive in Italy so owners think twice about installing air con – and in view of the need for us all to reduce our energy consumption who can blame them?) 

Our advice is to let us know now if you need this size of property for summer 2008 – if you leave it until later you will find your choice of properties and dates restricted.

One Stop Italy

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