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All about Italy money.

The Italian currency is the Euro.

Opening times vary but as a general rule it is safer to go in the morning as in some areas the banks are not open in the afternoons. In most regions they will be open from 8.00 or 8.30 am through to around 1.30. Some, but not all, will open again for about an hour in the afternoon.

N.B. A visit to an Italian bank to cash travellers cheques can be quite a lengthy process. We no longer recommend this method. Too much form-filling, photocopying of passports etc. They are very security-conscious and highly bureaucratic organisations. Pre-paid currency cards which you load up with Euros before you start your trip are very handy. Use then in shops, restaurants etc. and at cash point machines (called Bancomat in Italy).

Credit cards
It is a good idea not to rely solely on these as they are not as widely used in Italy as elsewhere. In the cities and large hotels of course there is no problem, but in the country areas they will not be accepted at supermarkets or petrol stations for example. The situation is changing but it is best to have pre-paid cashcards with you as back-up, so that cash can be obtained if necessary.


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