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Things for children to do on holiday in Italy

Things for children to do on holiday in Italy

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Children’s playground at Palazzo a Greve, Italy

“What is there for the children to do?”  Over the years I’ve often been asked this by parents and, of course, the answer depends on the age of the children. But there is always a solution, and the key is to ensure that your accommodation has the facilities on-site to keep them entertained, and enough nearby for day trips to interest them.

For very young children, I would recommend properties with a garden, a shallow “paddling” end to the pool or even a separate children’s pool, plus a small playground if possible.  Example: Villa Marisa. On a personal note, I remember how wonderful it was to find a swing and slide in the garden of a villa we rented when our son was three years old – just a simple thing, but any other weary parents out there will understand what I mean when I say it transformed our holiday!

Older children like meeting up with other children of a similar age, so for them it is often best to choose a property divided into apartments where they can make friends. As we take bookings from all over the world, the other guests they meet could be from the UK, Europe or much further afield, and I can assure you that language is not a barrier to friendship. It helps if there are activities like table-tennis, boules, a tennis court etc. as well as the pool on-site, as children like a challenge and will often arrange competitions and mini-galas … sometimes involving the parents too! Example: San Elisa-San Florestano.

Teenagers appreciate a bit of independence and here I advise choosing properties very close to a small town or village where they can go in the early evening and hang-out for a few hours. You will find that the local bar is a mecca for Italian boys and girls; they will go to listen to music, eat ice-cream, play table football and pool. They are a sight to behold in their cool shades and stylish clothes, and it is entertainment enough just to observe them!  Example: Palazzo a Greve.

It’s a simple equation: happy children + relaxed parents = a brilliant holiday!

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