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The ‘sagra’ or Italian food festival

The ‘sagra’ or Italian food festival

An introduction today to the Italian ‘sagra’ or festival.

These are held in towns and villages all over Italy. They are essentially local fairs usually – but not always – devoted to food.  Quite often they relate to a local product. For example you might go to a ‘sagra della cipolla’ (onion) or, perhaps more invitingly, a ‘sagra delle fragole’ (strawberries). You will be able to try and buy lots of different dishes containing the product in question.

The most charming ‘sagre’ are those with historic origins in tiny villages, not designed in a commercial fashion to pull in foreign tourists but purely an annual event enjoyed by local people. For example, a village I know well in Tuscany will be holding its ‘sagra della pizza’ on 6th August.

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