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2 centre self-catering holiday rentals in Italy

From: Gillian at One Stop Italy

More and more of our customers are choosing a 2 centre self-catering holiday in Italy rather than the traditional two weeks in one place. In my experience this makes your holiday seem longer, as you get the thrill of discovering two different places rather than just one. So now I always suggest it as a possibility from the outset when discussing options. It’s amazing how often people then say “oh, I’d never thought of that, what a good idea!”

It also means you can take advantage of good value single flight fares, flying into one airport and leaving from another. Car hire in this case is no problem, you just pick your vehicle up at say Pisa and drop it elsewhere usually for just a small extra charge.

Some people like to travel no more than an hour or so on the change-over day, maybe from Tuscany into Umbria for example. Others go further afield from say Tuscany in Central Italy to the Veneto in the North, or the Italian Lakes. Or down to Rome or the Amalfi Coast beyond Naples.

The end result is a tailor-made holiday. Starting building yours at www.onestopitaly.com

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